Tile Crush Candy Adventure – Complete Candy Matching Kit

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Key Points:

  • Ready for PUBLISH! 
  • Don’t need the programming skills!
  • Easy for Reskin
  • Easy for customization
  • Create EASY – EARN Quickly!
  • Complete Match 3 Kit
  • Supports both Android and IOS 


  • Tile Crush Candy Adventure is a complete project Kit in the genre of classic match-3 games, with many Goals , Collectables and obstacles. Super customizable and easy to use and Reskin.
  • Complete Kit of the Candy Match 3 Style Game, with Beautiful map and 200 tested unique levels. Use it like a complete game or add more levels and your own UNIQUE game design. built on proven Unity 3D technology.
  • This Code will help you to make you own Candy Crush, Sweet Sugar, Bubble Match , Juice Match , Onet , Onet 3-D , Tile Pairing types of games.
  • Concentrate only on the Game Design. You don’t need programming skills!
    You don’t need to hire a programmer to insert advertising network or Implementing IAP , Analytics or Localize your In-Game Language. We already did it for you! 
  • This is a fully completed project. All you have to do just make a reskin and launch your own versions to the app stores. 
  • We work a lot on the project, so you can get a quality product. Which allows you to earn good money Both from Ad Monetization and In-App Purchasing.
  • Product is constantly developing so you can be sure about the quality of the product.


  • Ready to Release with Beautiful Graphics!
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Full Complete Project + Daily Rewards
  • No need programmer skills
  • Easy to Reskin – Just Change Images and Sound Files And you are good to Go!
  • Create EASY – EARN quickly!


  • #Top No 1 Grossing Game
  • 200 Unique well-made tested levels
  • Daily Reward system (Anti-Cheat Integrated)
  • In-Game Items
  • Star Cookie
  • Crystals (Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue)
  • Diamonds 
  • Chocolate Heart
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • UFO
  • Soft Cushions – Heart 
  • Flowers
  • Mighty Crown

A lot of Challenging Obstacles:

  • Tree
  • Spider-web
  • Red Fish
  • Ice Block
  • Storm-breaker Cube
  • Cages

Tons of Collectibles:

  • Gingerbread
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Popsicle
  • Lollipop
  • Star-Candy
  • Ice-Candy
  • Chocolate Donut
  • Starfish
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • UFO
  • Magic Ball
  • Magic Hat 

 In-Game Power-ups:

  • Hammer -> for breaking Obstacles
  • Intelligent Dice -> For Getting Hints
  • Mighty Clock -> Freeze Current Time for a while
  • Swap Glow -> For Swap the tiles

 Different Goals:

  • Collect All Collectables
  • Break all the Ice cubes.
  • Release Birds and Butterflies from cage
  • Remove Spiderweb from crystals.
  • Pop the Hot Air Balloon
  • Catch the UFOs
  • …. And Much More

Other Features:

  • Different Game tutorials – visual and tabs
  • Very Joyful and Relaxing Background Music Playlist
  • Complete set of unique graphics, animations and effects!
  • Life System Integrated

Ad Network & Monetization:

  • Ad mob Mediation – Facebook, Unity and 50+ Ad Networks to Choose
  • Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Video
  • Earn Second Chance and Get Coins by watching Rewarded Ads
  • Ad Set-up Editor

In-App Purchasing:

We Added 13 Different IAP Packs for users which will increase your direct revenue. 

In-App Purchase – Shop System for Different packs:

  • Starter Bundle Pack
  • Super Bundle Pack
  • Mega Bundle Pack
  • Giant Bundle Pack
  • Superior Bundle Pack
  • Legendary Bundle Pack
  • 6 Different types of Coin Packs
  • Remove Ads 

IAP’s editor – allows to set the cost and number or get them directly from Google Play Store
Localized Price for Products

Push Notifications & Analytics:

  • In-built Firebase Analytics for track your game data -> This will Help you to Get More users for your game.
  • Daily Repeatable / Non-repeatable Push Notification with Custom Icons and Sound.
  • One Signal and Firebase Push Notifications Supported.
  • Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics to see how your app perform in each device.

Language Localization:

  • Comes with 11 Different In-Game Languages -> Arabic , Chinese , English , French , Spanish , Korean , Portugues , Russian , Japanese , German , Italian
  • You can Easily add more languages as your needs. 

Facebook & PlayFab Leaderboards:

  • Comes with Leaderboard tool by using that you can Integrate Facebook leaderboards within your game.
  • You can Display Rank within Facebook Friends or Worldwide.

Bonus Content:

  • PSD map included
  • Fantastic Visual Effects along with Particle Effects
  • Rate Option
  • Social Sharing on 30+ Social Platforms
  • Multiple screen sizing for most mobile devices and tablets.
  • Optimized for Mobile

Essentials for Games

  • Uses Latest Version of Unity (2021.3.12f1) with free license.
  • Supports IL2CPP 64 Bit Architecture
  • Beginner Friendly Project (No need to have Priore Knowledge of Game Development)
  • Professional, complete and extensive C# source code
  • Support build Android App Bundle (AAB) -> Android API Level 33 Supporte
  • World Class 24/7 Support – less than 10 min reply.
  • These features provide you the best opportunities!

Grab The Opportunity and:

● Save the time
● Don’t need a programming skill
● Unique level design
● Clear documentation
● Easy for improvement

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