Top Down Shooter

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Top Down Shooter Online Multiplayer Game Unity Source Code offers thrilling online multiplayer gameplay where players can engage in battles with friends or random opponents. Utilizing Photon Unity Networking for seamless multiplayer functionality, this game ensures an immersive gaming experience. Developed with Unity 2020.3.13f1, it supports higher versions as well, incorporating features like Admob and Unity Ads integration, Playfab for online data storage, and more.


  • Online Multiplayer: Battle against friends or join random rooms for intense multiplayer action.
  • AI Bots: Enjoy gameplay even when other players are unavailable, thanks to AI opponents.
  • Admob Ads: Monetize your game with Admob advertisements.
  • Unity Ads: Incorporate Unity Ads for additional revenue streams.
  • Login System: Enable players to create accounts or log in as guests.
  • Shop System: Implement in-game purchases and offer exciting items in the shop.
  • In-App Purchase: Allow players to buy special items or features within the game.
  • Red Zone: Experience heightened intensity with the inclusion of a red zone.
  • Playfab Integration: Seamlessly integrate Playfab for online data management and storage.
  • Room Creation and Joining: Create custom rooms or join existing ones for multiplayer matches.
  • Play Random: Dive into the action by joining random rooms for quick gameplay sessions.
  • Awesome Graphics: Enjoy stunning visuals that enhance the gaming experience.


Unity 2020.3.13f1

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