Videmak Music- Automatic Music Downloading and streaming Android application

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The best music application with no Hustle of uploading songs. Access over 2B+ songs on the internet for free, download, stream, and a new advanced offline player. Works with an api that loads music from the internet into the application.

VidemakMusic uses the latest technologies to search for music on the internet and make it available to the user to stream and also download. You don’t need to upload the music as the application takes care of all that. Isn’t that awsome?

Easy to Reskin, find the documentation here

App Documentation‎

Features released August 3rd and 9th. Check them out in our demo here


  • ★ New Lyrics Crawler that gets up to 80% of Lyrics for you for free
  • ★ Increased download speed for songs
  • ★ Dark theme
  • ★ Accent colors – switch between any color theme you want
  • ★ Direct your users to your Telegram channel
  • ★ Music collections (Songs, Albums, Artists, Playlist)
  • ★ Add songs to playlists easily
  • ★ Create Unlimited Playlists
  • ★ New improved Offline player

In a rush? try It out below

download demo

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VidemakMusic is the best app on Android Phone which allows you to play and download music into your phone for free. It relieves you from having to upload songs for your users to enjoy. This application has inbuilt ability to search for songs over the internet and organises them into two servers for fast and speedy download. You can find a million kinds of music you want on our servers and download or stream with high-quality audio.

All Application features

  • ★ No need to Upload songs
  • ★ Over 2 billion songs available for stream
  • ★ No api required, the application automatically looks for music on internet.
  • ★ Downloading mp3 music is easy and fast!
  • ★ Admob Integrated for you to make money
  • ★ Fast download speed and easy downloader management.
  • ★ Play music online or offline.
  • ★ Play all MP3 music through streaming or downloading
  • ★ Find your favourite song through our best song search feature.
  • ★ Built-in MP3 player for all downloaded music and music already on phone
  • ★ Share downloaded mp3 tube to friends
  • ★ All music genres from all artists all over the world
  • ★ Login system for your mailing lists
  • ★ Keep your music playing while using other apps
  • ★ Audio downloader for offline and online mp3 music player.
  • ★ Download multiple mp3 kinds of music at one time all day
  • ★ Make money through our admob ads integrated in the application with the best ads units
  • ★ Download & listen to music without WIFI
  • ★ Search Worldwide Music from all your favorite languages.
  • ★ Multiple languages.

Try It out below

download demo

How it works

If you buy this source code, you will be able to reskin it, then upload it to play store after integrating google ads, start earning right away, no hustle of uploading songs.


  1. Buy from us
  2. Reskin to make it yours
  3. Add google ads unit
  4. Upload to play store and start earning

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