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Wild Tamer Unity Source Code

Are you ready to come back to your past life time, when you were a Druid?

Are you ready to explore the mysterious world?

Tame animals and become their leader!

They will be.. fearsome enemies, friends, or even guardians.


  • Unique story and great content!
  • Create your special kingdom and be a king!
  • Collect weapons and artifacts and become stronger!
  • The more stronger you are, the more you can tame and own!
  • Have fun with a variety of animals and quests!
  • Lead and fight! It´s amazing to hold an ancient army!
  • Leaderboard supported! Check your rank!
  • Recommend to your friends! AND compete your ranking with them!

Technical Features

  • Unity 2018.1.9f2 or newer
  • Cross platform (Android and iOS)
  • Great effects using particle system
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Google Admob
  • Facebook and share
  • In-app-purchase (Android and iOS)

Demo Apks


  • Unity 2018.3.1f1 - preferred, or you can try newer

LAST UPDATE 08-12-2023

  • Bug Fixes

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