Winter Survival Simulator

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Buckle up for the ultimate test of survival in Survival Winter 3D! Set in a desolate, wintry landscape, this gripping 3D game plunges players into a chilling struggle for survival. Stranded on an unfamiliar island after being brought ashore by a boat, you must brave the bitter cold, seek warmth, find food, and protect yourself from hostile adversaries. Every decision counts as you scour the island for vital resources, fend off attacks, and strive to survive for a grueling 25 days to earn a spectacular prize. Adaptation and strategic maneuvers are key to your success in this high-stakes survival adventure.


  • 3D Game
  • 1 Big level
  • Inventory system
  • 16 Heroes available for purchase in-game
  • Approximately 30 item skins available for purchase in-game
  • Day/Night system
  • Frozen system
  • 2 types of enemies
  • Around 25 types of food and weapons
  • Connected with AdMob and Firebase
  • Tutorial level added (Bonus)


Unity 2020 and higher

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