Zombie Labs Idle Tycoon

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Summon, upgrade, and unleash your zombie army in this captivating idle tycoon game! Dive into the addictive world of tapping to dig up zombies, collecting brains, and preparing for Armageddon. Upgrade your undead minions, summon werewolves, invest in research, and release zombie giants as you tap away to build the ultimate zombie army. Watch your graveyard evolve from weak Zombabies to formidable Zombiggies, activate apocalypses to gain Infection Points, and witness your zombies collect even more brains. This idler ensures your zombie army is always on the hunt, even when you're away from the game!


  • Unique Idle, Clicker, or Tycoon Gameplay: Introducing a new type of game that combines idle, clicker, and tycoon elements for a unique experience.

  • Undead Evolution: Start with a simple shovel and transform a decrepit graveyard into a formidable undead army.

  • Unlock Five Zombie Classes: Progress through the game and unlock five distinct zombie classes with unique abilities.

  • Explore New Worlds: Visit new worlds and unravel their secrets as you expand your undead empire.

  • Summon Diverse Zombies: Summon over 10 different zombies, each with its own personality and strengths.

  • Mysterious Big Wiggly Egg: Hatch the mysterious Big Wiggly Egg to discover what lies within, adding an element of mystery to the game.

  • Live Chat with Developers: Connect directly with the developers through live chat to provide suggestions and feedback.

  • Constant Brain Collection: Your zombie army continues to collect brains even when you're offline, ensuring continuous progress.

  • Tap and Upgrade to Armageddon: Tap and upgrade your way to the ultimate Armageddon, enhancing your zombie horde's power.

  • Offline Gameplay: No internet connection required to enjoy the game, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere.

Demo Apk:

Experience the zombie uprising by downloading the demo APK here. Unleash your undead army, tap to upgrade, and conquer Armageddon. The addictive world of zombie management awaits – play now!

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