Zombie Rabbits vs Sheldon

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Zombies Kelinci vs Sheldon presents a challenging game enriched with numerous unexpected elements. The story unfolds from ancient times when rabbits and turtles engaged in a perpetual race to determine the faster species. Despite the subjective view that rabbits are faster, Sheldon Chief always emphasizes the cautionary tale of the rabbit's potential threat. The Rabbit Evil, the king of rabbits, perpetuates this feud, leading to annual attacks by the Rabbit zombies (Rabbit Army) on the village.

In response to these attacks, Sheldon Tower, fortified by the strength of the turtle kingdom, stands as a solid wall, safeguarding the turtle village. The rabbit army, while persistent, repeatedly fails in their attempts. However, the balance of power shifts when Rabbits Evil defeats the "Magic Scroll" from the Elf world, turning rabbit warriors into zombies with a poisonous potion.

Amidst the escalating difficulty, the strength of the turtle army is crucial, and Sheldon Chief relies on players from the human world. You, as the chosen leader, must guide the turtle army against the zombie rabbit troops. Demonstrate strength, alertness, and assertiveness in every action to secure victory in this war.


  • Exciting and diverse character system within the rabbit army, with each unit possessing unique abilities for strategic battles.
  • The evil rabbit army boasts formidable strength, featuring species with mysterious powers—exercise caution.
  • Varied mission system offering numerous campaign challenges for players to enrich their experience.
  • Survival screen system aiding players in accumulating experience and earning valuable rewards.
  • Sign-in rewards and a rich title system for added player engagement.
  • Eye-catching graphics and immersive game sound design.
  • The game, while simple, demands strategic choices and tactical army deployment for victory.


  • Regular Version: Unity 2018
  • Updated Version: Unity 2022

Demo Apk:

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Last Update: 05-02-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Bug / Error Fixes

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