Zombie Wars - Battle Of Sheldon

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Step into the shoes of a village savior and combat the zombie army in the best RPG game!

Zombie Wars - Battle Of Sheldon:

Embark on a complete town defense adventure featuring innovative and challenging gameplay. As the commander of the Sheldon Army, equipped with special abilities, your mission is to prevent the occupation of Sheldon Village strongholds. Strategically combine unit features and support items to enhance your winning chances in the zombie battle. The gameplay is straightforward yet requires logical thinking to overcome screen challenges.

In Sheldon Village, the Sheldon Tower, constructed from turtles, acts as a solid wall protecting the village from ongoing fights. Amid an endless war, the Evil Rabbits defeated the "Magic Scroll" from the Elf world, turning rabbit warriors into zombies with a poisonous potion.

In this dire situation, the strength lies with the army of rabbit zombies. Sheldon Chief relies on the Hero in the human world, and you are the chosen one to lead the turtle army against the rabbit troops. Demonstrate strength, alertness, and assertiveness to help the turtle army secure victory.


  • Rich and diverse character system in the rabbit army, each type with unique abilities for battles against zombies.
  • Formidable strength in the evil rabbit army, featuring species with mysterious powers—stay focused.
  • Wide-ranging mission system with various campaigns and rich rewards.
  • Sign-on rewards and a comprehensive prize system.
  • Eye-catching graphics and immersive sound design.
  • Simple gameplay, requiring strategic choices for army matches.


  • Regular Version - Unity 2018
  • Updated Version - Unity 2022

Demo Apk:

Download and experience the thrilling Zombie Wars - Battle Of Sheldon game here.


Last Update 05-01-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Updated Libraries
  • Bug Fixes

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