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Angry Plants Tower Defense

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Monsters from hell have invaded the earth, and your mission is to protect your garden and house. Get serious because when monsters are feasting on every living creature, only the smart survive. You are the key to your own salvation. Utilize necromancy magic to summon souls of dead soldiers and let them fight monsters in the form of plants you grow in your garden, mostly flowers. Arm them with your hand-made weapons to fend off the monstrous invasion. This game offers a unique twist in the category, providing an unparalleled gaming experience.


  • New Art Style: Experience a fresh and captivating art style that sets the game apart.
  • Monstrous-Looking Monsters: Encounter a variety of terrifying monsters that will challenge your skills.
  • High Difficulty: For players seeking a challenge, the game offers a high level of difficulty to test your gaming prowess.
  • 11 Types of Plants: Choose from a diverse selection of plants, each with unique abilities and characteristics.
  • New Effects and Actions: Enjoy new types of effects and actions that enhance the overall gameplay experience.
  • 7 Types of Magical Items: Select from a range of magical items to aid you in the battle against the monsters.
  • Limited Plant and Item Selection: Strategize your defense with the ability to pick only 5 plants and 3 magical items during gameplay.
  • Integrated AdMob Ads: Experience uninterrupted gameplay with seamlessly integrated AdMob ads.


Unity 2020

Demo Apk:

Download the game and face the monstrous invasion! Live Demo

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