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CAD-4 offers a comprehensive solution for creating ANY FPS game. Designed as a professional kinematic character controller, it promises smooth first-person controls across all platforms, including PC, mobile and console. Dive into a world of endless possibilities with CAD-4, featuring 75 levels across 5 large environments, along with camera filters shader and 270 effects to enhance your gaming experience.


  • Main Menu Overview:

    • Kinematic Character Controller
    • First-Person Camera Controller
    • Dynamic Gravity System
    • Advanced Moving Platform System
    • Extensible Ability System
    • Dual Wielding Support
    • Procedural Spring Animations
    • Visible Trajectory Curve
    • Inverse Kinematics (IK)
    • Wide Variety of Shootable Weapons
    • Dynamic Effects with Surface System
    • Virtual Controls
    • Pickup Objects
    • Damage System
    • Spawn System
    • Object Pooler
    • Rapid Character and Item Creation
    • AI Integration with Behavior Designer
    • Tutorial Videos

  • Integrations:

    • A* Pathfinding Project
    • Adventure Creator
    • Behavior Designer
    • Control Freak
    • DestroyIt
    • Dialogue System
    • Easy Touch
    • Final IK
    • FPS Mesh Tool
    • InControl
    • Playmaker
    • Quest Machine
    • Rewired
    • UMA
    • Admob SDK


    • Powered by NGUI, a robust UI system and event notification framework.


Unity 2018.4.35f1

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