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Dive into the world of third-person shooters with My FreeFire Clone Game Project, a meticulously crafted game template developed from 2020 to 2024. Inspired by the massive success of Free Fire, this comprehensive solution offers a robust foundation for developers to create immersive and polished gaming experiences. With its dynamic controls, versatile player classes, extensive weapon arsenal, and multiplayer capabilities, this project is perfect for crafting your own captivating shooter game.


  • Dynamic Third-Person Control: Fluid and responsive player movements including sliding, jumping, crouching, and running.

  • Versatile Player Classes: Four distinct classes - Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon - each with unique playstyles and abilities.

  • Weapon Arsenal: Extensive range of weapons including Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns, Pistols, Grenades, Launchers, and Knives.

  • Multiplayer Capabilities: Seamless network integration with Photon PUN 2 supporting various multiplayer modes like BattleRoyal Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and Capture the Flag.

  • AI Integration: Challenging Shooter AI (Bots) to provide dynamic and immersive gameplay.

  • Customizable Gameplay Elements: Options to customize damage indicators, lobby chat, footstep sounds, and health bars.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: AAA graphics-ready assets with high-performance optimization for visually stunning and smooth gaming experience.

  • Intuitive Editor Tutorials: Built-in tutorials covering weapons, maps, player models, and bots for easy navigation through the game development process.

  • Clean and Extensive Codebase: Full C# clean codebase ensuring ease of customization and future expansion.


Unity 2020


  • For multiplayer features, the Photon Engine has been implemented.
  • Main Menu, Lobby preview - HERE
  • The game utilizes an SQL database. Please refer to the screenshots of the files for more details.
  • Experience with SQL databases is required.

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