Make Toy ASMR

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Looking for a fun and addictive idle click game? Look no further than Make Toy ASMR! In this exciting game, you're in charge of your very own toy manufacturing company. Click your way to success as you control your production line, hire extra workers, and upgrade your capabilities to produce even more toys!

With Make Toy ASMR, the sky's the limit. Upgrade your production line to get the most out of your toy-making capabilities. Add more workers to produce even more toys and watch your profits soar. Merge workers to create even more income opportunities!

Not only is Make Toy ASMR a fun and engaging game, it's also a relaxing escape from reality. Listen to the soothing ASMR sounds of toy-making and unwind as you build your toy empire. With every click, you'll be transported to a world of endless possibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Start clicking your way to the top with Make Toy ASMR! Play now and start your journey to becoming a toy-making legend!
Unity 2021 Project

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