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Discover the MEGA Bundle: Shooter Pack 4, a collection of four exhilarating game source codes featuring both Counter Strike and Zombie modes. Immerse yourself in intense combat scenarios, complete missions, and conquer quests. The bundle is crafted in Unity 2019.2.17F1, delivering exceptional controls and captivating maps designed for Android devices.


  • Cloud Storage Integration:

    • Utilizes cloud storage in Google or Amazon for efficient asset management.
    • Reduces the APK size to 90mb with AssetBundles, maintaining high quality.

  • Game Modes:

    • Third Person and First Person modes for immersive gameplay.
    • High-quality images and environments enhance the gaming experience.

  • Player Control:

    • Responsive controls ensure smooth navigation.
    • Auto health recovery for sustained action.

  • Enemy Dynamics:

    • Intelligent enemy behavior adds challenge.
    • Various enemy types keep the gameplay diverse.

  • Expansive Content:

    • Six different worlds and 45 missions.
    • A wide selection of 31 weapon types.
    • 260 tasks to complete and quests to conquer.

  • In-Game Economy:

    • Features a shop for coins and stars.
    • Radar system for enhanced navigation.

  • Monetization:

    • In-app purchases for virtual items.
    • AdMob integration for ads (banner, interstitial, rewarded video).
    • Unity Rewards Video for additional incentives.

Specific Game Highlights:

1. Target Of Duty V8:

  • 13 character selections, including video rewards and in-app purchases.
  • Radar and CompassBar enhance navigation.
  • Monetization with AdMob ads and Unity Reward Videos.
  • Demo Apk: Target Of Duty

2. Salvation Counter Strike:

  • 14 character selections with shops for coins and characters.
  • Various weapons, coins, and points pickups.
  • Support for Unity Ads, AdMob, Facebook Ads, and more.
  • Demo Apk: Salvation Counter

3. Salvation Zombie World:

  • Additional character choices, shop items, and weapons.
  • Features a radar and CompassBar for better orientation.
  • Monetization options include in-app purchases and ads.
  • Demo Apk: Salvaiton Zombie

4. Cyborg Plan:

  • Unique cyborg-themed gameplay.
  • Explore various environments and combat scenarios.
  • Demo Apk: Cyborg Plan

NEW Update Features:

  • Improved graphics and character selection.
  • Coin and character shops for customization.
  • Abundance of weapons, pickups, and levels.
  • Onscreen controls or gamepad support.
  • Monetization with Unity Ads, AdMob, in-app purchases, banners, interstitials, and rewarded video ads.


Unity 2019.2.17F1

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