Refund Policy

Last updated: January 5, 2024

Thank you for visiting, your trusted marketplace for buying and selling source codes, especially for mobile applications. Please read this refund policy carefully before making any purchase on our platform.

1. Refund Eligibility

We take pride in offering high-quality source codes that have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by our experienced developers before being published on our website. However, we understand that issues may arise. You may be eligible for a refund under the following circumstances:

  • Corrupted Zip Folder: If the purchased source code (zip file) is corrupted and prevents you from using it as intended.
  • Non-functional Code: If the code does not work as demonstrated in the provided demo or as described.

Note : Refunds will not be provided in the case of missing text in the code or some small bugs that can be resolved with common solutions found on ChatGPT or Stack Overflow.

Please note that the source codes listed on our platform are primarily recommended for experienced developers who have the ability to address any potential issues, bugs, or errors that may arise during integration or use. While we strive to provide clean and easily runnable code, we cannot guarantee flawless performance in all environments.

2. Refund Process

To request a refund, please follow these steps:

  • Contact Support: Send an email to [email protected] within 1 day of your purchase, specifying the issue you have encountered with the source code (zip file).

  • Provide Evidence: In your email, include detailed information about the problem and provide any evidence (screenshots, error messages, etc.) that supports your claim.

  • Evaluation: Our team will review your request and assess whether it meets the refund eligibility criteria. This process may take up to 30 business days.

  • Refund or Resolution: If your request is approved, we will initiate a refund to your original payment method, or we may provide you with a resolution, such as a replacement source code or assistance in resolving the issue.

3. No Refund After Download

Once you have downloaded the purchased source code, refunds will not be issued, except in cases where the file is corrupted or the code is non-functional.

4. Live Demo Apks

Please be aware that if a listing includes a live game demo APK from a third-party company, they may periodically update and reskin their mobile games or apps. As a result, the live demo APK may differ in design or functionality compared to the source code provided. In this case, we are not able to refund you. Feel free to request a Demo APK generated directly from the Unity Editor by contacting the specific author. Thank you for understanding

5. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this refund policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We are here to assist you and ensure your experience on is smooth and satisfactory.

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