Paw Puppy Jetpack Fighter

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Embark on an endless adventure with Paw Puppy Jetpack Fighter, a thrilling action and adventure game designed for enthusiasts. Navigate through obstacles, soar with a jetpack, or wield a powerful gun to achieve the highest score and conquer the game.


  • Ready for Publishing: The game is prepared for publication, complete with ads (Gley plugin) and IronSource mediation (Admob, fan, Unity ads).
  • Compact Size: With a mere 57MB APK size, enjoy a smooth gaming experience without consuming much storage space.
  • Unity Version: Developed on Unity 2018.4.36, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  • 64-bit Support: Take advantage of the game's compatibility with 64-bit systems.
  • Easy Reskinning: Modify the game's appearance effortlessly to suit your preferences.
  • Diverse Characters: Choose from 8 vibrant main characters to personalize your gaming experience.
  • Dynamic Backgrounds: Explore three different randomly generated backgrounds for added excitement.
  • Immersive Audio and Visuals: Engage in the game's captivating sound and graphics for a truly immersive experience.
  • Varied Enemies: Encounter 20 different types of enemies, including flying and running adversaries.


Unity 2018

Demo Apk:

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