Tower Defense: Defense Legend

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Defense Legend transports players into a world besieged by dark forces, where strategic mastery is the key to survival. Assume the role of a military commander, crafting tactics and strategies to thwart the impending invasion and emerge as the legendary defender.


  • Engage in classic tower defense gameplay with captivating graphics and immersive environments.
  • Strategically position defensive systems to repel enemy incursions.
  • Develop intricate strategies to counter enemy advances during operational phases.
  • Enhance defense systems through timely upgrades to maintain superiority.
  • Navigate through 22 diverse maps, ensuring every encounter remains fresh and challenging.
  • Utilize 7 defensive weapons, each upgradable up to 4 times, to fortify your defenses.
  • Command a fleet of 16 tanks, adding an extra layer of defense to your stronghold.


  • Regular Version: Unity 2018
  • Updated Version: Unity 2022


Last Update: 09-02-2024

  • Updated to Unity 2022
  • Bug Fixes

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