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Embark on a delightful journey with Toy Claw, a charming puzzle game set in the nostalgic arcade theme of the toy claw machine. Designed especially for kids, Toy Claw offers 20 engaging levels filled with fun challenges and interactive elements.


  • 20 Levels: Enjoy a variety of levels, each offering unique challenges and puzzles to solve.
  • Multiple Elements in Levels: Encounter various elements like magnets, static balls, and movable boxes, adding excitement and complexity to the gameplay.
  • Star Rating: Strive for a 3-star rating after completing each level to showcase your skills.
  • Interactive Menu Screen: Navigate through the game effortlessly with an intuitive and interactive menu interface.
  • Made with Unity Free: No need for a PRO license; this code is compatible with Unity Free.
  • Android + iOS: Easily switch the code between Android and iOS platforms, activating all related plugins seamlessly.
  • Multi-Device and Multi-Platform: Deploy your game across various devices and platforms supported by Unity, including Android and Apple phones and tablets.
  • Free Royalty-Free Music Included: Enhance the gaming experience with free-to-use music suitable for commercial distribution.
  • Easy to Reskin: Customize the game's theme effortlessly by replacing 2D images with your preferred graphics.
  • Rating Pop-Up: Encourage higher user ratings with a smart rating pop-up feature.
  • Coded in C#: Benefit from efficient coding in C#, ensuring smooth performance and easy customization.
  • 64-Bit Compatible: Ensure compatibility with modern devices by using 64-bit architecture.
  • Unity 2019: Developed using Unity 2019, providing stability and compatibility with the latest features.
  • Documentation Included: Access comprehensive documentation to facilitate the reskinning process and game setup.


Unity 5.6

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