1 Line - Draw 1 Stroke By One

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Engage in brain-training exercises with "1 Line - Draw 1 Stroke By One," the best free puzzle game! Challenge your mind with a diverse range of levels, from simple lines to complex shapes. Draw one stroke to connect all the points and claim victory. As you progress through higher levels, face increasingly difficult challenges, requiring a clever mind to overcome. Play offline or challenge friends; this game is designed to enhance your cognitive abilities.


  • Diverse Levels: Explore 10 different zones with varying difficulty levels.

  • 500 Shapes: Tackle 500 shapes, ranging from easy to mind-blowing.

  • Customizable Displays: Personalize your gaming experience with 10 different displays.

  • Daily Log-in Rewards: Enjoy daily rewards to boost your gameplay.

  • Offline Play: Train your brain anywhere, anytime, with the option to play offline.

  • Hints System: Utilize the "Hints" feature for assistance with complex shapes.


Unity 2022

Demo APK:

Download the Demo APK Here

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