Punch Boxing Game: Kickboxing

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"Kick Boxing Gym Fighting Game" delivers an electrifying boxing and kick fighting experience, where aspiring boxers, kickboxing fighters, and warriors unleash their talents to become champions. Choose your avatar, step into the ring, and engage in thrilling knockout battles to claim the title of boxing games star champion.


  • Tactile Fight Experience: Immerse yourself in the first-ever city boxing game star ring tournament. Fight hard against formidable opponents to emerge victorious in the ultimate boxing and wrestling games challenge.

  • Epic Fighters Collection: Each kickboxing game ring fighter boasts unique abilities and skills. Engage in battles with a diverse array of male and female wrestlers, utilizing awesome kickboxing fighting game smash moves to dominate the arena.

  • Powerful Knockout Combos: Master various fight game skill combos, including kicking fight combos, punch combos, knockout strikes, super uppercut combos, wrestling slams, Muay Thai, and Judo karate hits. Utilize a combination of punches, kicks, jabs, hooks, and uppercuts to outmaneuver your opponents.

  • Goodies and Rewards: Earn coins and power-ups with each epic fight. Unlock the latest ring boxer stars and enhance their speed, strength, and fighting game skills. Put your martial arts abilities to the test in intense wrestling games battles.


Unity 2018.4

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